Zanzibar Island Holidays and Beach Excursions.

Island and the most famous for its relaxing Beach Holidays with resorts and boutique beach hotels. Stone Town, the historical district of the island’s capital Zanzibar Town, offers the inquest Moment to travellers the chance to explore twisting alleys, mosques and markets while spread around Zanzibar are tiny, the beaten track Islands, ideal for honeymooners and get away from its all vacations Holidays.
Mnemba Island: A small island paradise lying a kilometer north-east of Zanzibar Island, Mnemba is the essence of exclusivity and privacy. Its famous reef makes for some of the best diving and snorkeling in the Zanzibar Archipelago. Pemba Island: Set 50km from Zanzibar and long in its shadow, those who do travel to Pemba are hardly ever be disappointed. Covered in forest and spice plantations and ringed by excessive beaches, it’s still early days for tourism to Pemba which makes it perfect for people looking for a Tanzania beach holiday with No crowds.

Mafia Island: Laying a substantial 160km north of Zanzibar, Mafia has managed to remain under the radar for decades. It’s a classic Indian Ocean island with a genuine serene tropical ambience and is home to one of the world’s best diving sites. Chumbe Island: Unpopulated island 12km south of Zanzibar Town and home to a pristine coral reef and private marine reserves, Chumbe makes an ideal day trips for keen divers and snorkelers. Chole Island: A tiny scrap of land barely a kilometer and accessible only by a 15-minutes boat ride from Mafia Island. Chole set at the heart of the Mafia Island Marine Park; its shallow-water reefs teem with life and you’re assured of an extremely exclusive and private experience. Browse our range of Tanzania beach holidays or simply contact one of our travel experts to tailor-make the perfect itinerary for you.

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