Mt Kilimanjaro rising at 5895 m. above the sea level, Mt Kilimanjaro is in Northern Tanzania! Climbing Kilimanjaro can be via Routes such as Machame Route, Marangu Route, Lemosho Route and Rongai Route. Mount Kilimanjaro climbing is ideally one of the best adventure in Tanzania vacation, You can choose the best Route for your Mount Kilimanjaro Climb depending on your Interest, Fitness and Time (Days for Climbing)  Kilimanjaro Climb has several routes of Climbing, and the successful summiting will depend on your selection while choosing the right Route according to your Fitness and mountaineering experience level. Most fit individuals with some mountain walking experience can make it to the top of Africa. You do not need to be super fit – just take it slowly (pole-pole the Crew will say) and be determined. Safari Trackers Adventure is one of the top Mount Kilimanjaro operators.

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